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Plein Sud Staircase

November 23rd, 2013


Custom Projects, Misc


M.C. Escher himself would have been impressed with this project. The goal for this project was to create a staircase that also appeared to be upside down. The project, located at The Smyth Hotel in Tribeca, was centered around the bar and led to the downstairs lounge.  The Smyth Hotel is highly acclaimed for providing both hotel accommodations and upscale residences with a distinguished modern appeal. If you ever get the chance to go see the project, keep your eyes open, David Bowie might just be walking down the stairs singing Within You.

Plein Sud at The Smyth Hotel

85 West Broadway, New York,  NY. 10007


Movable Metal at the Frazier Collection

April 12th, 2012


Custom Projects


Last week, we were excited to hear that Richard Frazier, a good friend of the shop, had his new showroom featured on the notable design blog, “Ask Patrick.” The blog, written by interior designer, stylist, and stager, Patrick Hamilton, takes a tour through the Frazier Collection, located at 200 Lex in NYC.

For the TMRnyc team, seeing the Frazier Collection featured was doubly exciting because we contributed to the showroom space with some custom metal work.

We built these fantastic ironwork frames that are intentionally a bit rough and rugged. Designed to be easily moved around the showroom, TMR’s Scott Behr says, “These frames were made to be decorated or used as spatial separators.”


Rough-hewn ironwork frames definitely make for some unique metal products, but they’re certainly not the only ones you’ll find in the Frazier Collection. Richard has integrated some fantastic metalwork elements into his line of classic, elegant, scaled down, yet masculine furnishings.

Says Hamilton on his blog: “One thing that links [all of these pieces together] is a love of metalwork, in studs (yay!), banding, ferrules, finials and jewelry-like hardware. Bronzes, brass, warm nickel and burnished gold are the metals of choice at Frazier, and a high level of customization means you’ll get exactly the piece you came in for.”

Often, once we install a piece of custom metal work in NYC, we don’t actually get to see it in use that much. So it’s a real treat getting to see our ironwork frames in action at Frazier’s showroom and on Hamilton’s blog.

Have you stopped by 200 Lex or seen our work elsewhere in the city? Let us know what you think by posting on Facebook!


Turn On Your Desk

April 2nd, 2012


Design, Products


TMRnyc SideWired DeskJust this week, Scott Behr, owner of TMRnyc, was reading The New York Times online, and he came across a Home & Garden piece by Steven Kurutz about the need for today’s furniture manufacturers to adapt their designs to our new digital lifestyle.

“It was called Furniture Meets the Digital Age,’” says Behr with a smile. “Great article, and the guy’s right – furniture needs to change to not only reflect how we live today but actually support that lifestyle. That is, it’s not enough to have a shelf for your iPhone to sit on next to your bed at night. You need a docking station so the phone can be accessible while charging. Still,” Behr continues, “reading that piece, I couldn’t help thinking, ‘Yeah, we’ve been doing that at TMRnyc for several years now.’

In particular, Behr was referencing the SideWired™ Furniture line. In 2009, some of the TMRnyc team members simply got fed up with the constant cord clutter challenge so many people hassle with daily, especially on their desks.

On a given desk, the average person might always have a lamp, a printer, an external hard drive, and a phone. But then add in the portables that need constant charging for efficient use such as cell phones, tablets, and laptops, and suddenly the desk is a crisscross of cords, all of which trail down over the edge onto a power strip that’s plugged into the wall. It’s messy, disorganized, and ruins the aesthetic appeal of what might otherwise be a gorgeous office.

From this observation was born the SideWired™ Desk, a prototype for the Brooklyn Design 2009 show, which ultimately gave way to the entire SideWired™ Furniture line.

The desk is a minimalist design, clean, with a glass top. Beneath that glass top is a flip-down compartment for adapters and coils of excess cord length. The necessary amount of cord is fed up through small holes in the glass, while the plug is fed toward the side of the desk where it plugs into a/c outlets that are built right into the UL-Listed desk itself. The desk plugs into the wall, and functions safely with a simple on/off switch that serves as a surge protector to safeguard your electronics.

“Today’s technology is about integration and customization,” says Behr, “and your furniture should be, too. That’s what works about the SideWired™ line. It’s furniture for the way we live. Now.”

What do you think of the SideWired™ line? In what style of desk would you like to see this functionality? We’re working on some exciting new designs, so stay tuned to the TMRnyc blog for product updates and exciting news!


TMR Custom Metal Work to the Rescue

November 29th, 2011


Custom Projects


The call came in last Tuesday afternoon right before Thanksgiving.  

Jack Gold, owner of Presidential Interiors and the millwork contractor on the build out of the new Ivanka Trump Fine Jewelry flagship store in Soho was in a jam.  He needed help completing a set of polished steel doors for display cases for the store’s grand opening on Friday — Black Friday — in just three days.

After searching Google for a custom metal fabricator, he found the TMR website and picked up the phone and spoke with Scott Behr, TMR’s founder and president.

Scott assured Jack that TMR was the right choice for the job and instilled a sense of confidence and relief.  The design and production teams at TMR have experience with this level of project and could manage the design, fabrication, and installation within the short time frame.  The display case doors would be completed and installed beautifully for Friday’s opening.

Instead of watching the parade and eating turkey on Thanksgiving Day, the TMR team put in 24 hours of hardcore custom metal work and delivered as promised.  Jack was psyched, and the store was ready in time for its Black Friday opening.

Congrats to the TMR team!
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Contact TMR for your custom metal fabrication needs and learn how TMR’s process can help make your project a success. Please call us first and in advance to see what we are capable of with a normal lead time. Metalwork is generally the last thing to be installed in a construction project. It should be the first thing purchased to get a perfect result, on time and on budget.


One Lucky Angler Will Win a RetroCard Belt Buckle

October 14th, 2011




Scott Behr - Big FishScott Behr, founder of Total Metal Resource, can often be found (sometimes in the middle of the night!) at the India St. pier in Greenpoint fishing for bluefish or striped bass.  

He hooked up with the Brooklyn Urban Anglers Association who are hosting their 3rd Annual BKUAA Brooklyn Fishing Derby through the month of October, and Scott gave them an offer they just couldn’t refuse in the form of a sweet donation to the prize pool.

One lucky derby grand prize winner who catches the largest Striped Bass will walk away with a RetroCard Belt Buckle at the end of the derby.  

If you needed another reason to get your derby on, this is it.

Designed by Patrick Quinn and hand-produced by TMRnyc in Greenpoint, Brooklyn, each RetroCard Belt Buckle in this limited edition release is signed by the artist, numbered, and dated. 

For the (fisher) man who needs his hands free to carry his pole and tackle, the RetroCard Belt Buckle is the ultimate derby prize.

RetroCard Belt Buckle Features

  • Ready access to your MetroCard or any public transportation fare card.
  • Made of hot rolled steel that develops a unique patina from daily wear.
  • Handmade in Brooklyn, New York.
  • For use with any button snap belt.
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