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Light It Up!

January 23rd, 2012


Custom Projects


Whether at home or at work, lighting is an important part of every décor.

The right lighting can make a difference in how your furniture looks (especially that cool custom metal furniture!) by casting different levels of light and color, how comfortable the room is for reading or conversation, and how the atmosphere of the room feels.

Without the right lighting, your space can feel too bright, too dark, or uninspired. But with a little custom metal fabrication, NYC homes and businesses alike can have those unique metal products that create just the right finishing touches no matter where you need them.

 True, usually we’re busy at TMRnyc making our super manly belt buckle, The RetroCard Belt Buckle; or our man-cave fave, The Pipe Bomb Bar. Or we’re off installing hanging window baskets or a custom sign or … you get the picture.

But we dig getting our electrical groove on with some lighting fabrication. And yes, it’s all UL-listed and all that good stuff. New York diners can catch glimpses of some of our handiwork over at Colicchio & Sons, where we installed some super cool custom lighting to make their oven hood glow like a burning ember.

Whether you need a massive lighting installation for your customized, wood-burning, industrial oven, or you just want some kickin’ sconces for your patio, TMRnyc has your lighting needs covered. Plus, we can make it all mesh and match with the rest of your custom metal furniture, because we’re cool like that.

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