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Brooklyn Flea is a great place to meet your favorite comedians.

November 16th, 2010


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Quite the weekend at the Brooklyn Flea this Sunday. Decided to bring out the old copper dining table to step things up this weekend and who other than who happens to show up on Sunday but Jerry Seinfeld and George Stephanopoulos. Rachel gave me the secret code for celebrity alert and when I turned around low and behold there they were sneaking down the staircase for a little lunchtime with the Flea Food Vendors. Now normally I don’t get terribly excited about seeing celebrities but nearing the end of the day ,Sam told me that Wyatt Cenac was upstairs so I had to give him an award for being so f@#*ing funny. One of my favorite bits was his collaboration with Slim Thug, “Still a Boss“. You have to check that out.