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Sticky: Total Metal Resource in the NY Times!

July 23rd, 2013





Movable Metal at the Frazier Collection

April 12th, 2012


Custom Projects


Last week, we were excited to hear that Richard Frazier, a good friend of the shop, had his new showroom featured on the notable design blog, “Ask Patrick.” The blog, written by interior designer, stylist, and stager, Patrick Hamilton, takes a tour through the Frazier Collection, located at 200 Lex in NYC.

For the TMRnyc team, seeing the Frazier Collection featured was doubly exciting because we contributed to the showroom space with some custom metal work.

We built these fantastic ironwork frames that are intentionally a bit rough and rugged. Designed to be easily moved around the showroom, TMR’s Scott Behr says, “These frames were made to be decorated or used as spatial separators.”


Rough-hewn ironwork frames definitely make for some unique metal products, but they’re certainly not the only ones you’ll find in the Frazier Collection. Richard has integrated some fantastic metalwork elements into his line of classic, elegant, scaled down, yet masculine furnishings.

Says Hamilton on his blog: “One thing that links [all of these pieces together] is a love of metalwork, in studs (yay!), banding, ferrules, finials and jewelry-like hardware. Bronzes, brass, warm nickel and burnished gold are the metals of choice at Frazier, and a high level of customization means you’ll get exactly the piece you came in for.”

Often, once we install a piece of custom metal work in NYC, we don’t actually get to see it in use that much. So it’s a real treat getting to see our ironwork frames in action at Frazier’s showroom and on Hamilton’s blog.

Have you stopped by 200 Lex or seen our work elsewhere in the city? Let us know what you think by posting on Facebook!


Working it Out, TMR-Style

April 6th, 2012


Custom Projects


“For the Pura Vida Urban Fitness project,” says TMRnyc’s Scott Behr, “we basically got an online inquiry that read, ‘Can you build me a structure that eight people could hang from simultaneously while doing rigorous exercise?’ and we said, ‘Yeah. We can do that,’ and we did.”

Scott says he found the entire Pura Vida project to be just as straightforward and smooth as its inception, saying, “What I really enjoyed about this project was the simplicity and ease that this project went together. From start to finish, the client was great to work with, it flowed through my shop very easily and was delivered within the time frame that we had promised.”

So, what was it, anyway? Well, Pura Vida Urban Fitness is a Prospect Heights fitness studio. The owner contacted TMRnyc because the gym needed a structure from which to hang fitness equipment and from which gym members could hang while working out. A previous structure hadn’t held up to the stress of all that weight, and it needed to be replaced, so owner Morgan Sevigny reached out to the experts at TMRnyc to get the job done right.

“For this project,” says Scott, “we wanted to give the space an industrial look that wasn’t overpowering and would blend in with Morgan’s existing design. We needed to plan, design, fabricate, and install. So, I went with a truss design that resembled a staging or bridge-type structure.”

From Sketch

Pura Vida Structure Sketch

To Fabrication

Pura Vida Custom Metal Truss

It took design, structural engineering, and installation expertise to fabricate this structure and install it in a working commercial space that could afford very little functional disruption.

“We didn’t want Morgan to have to shut down the gym!” says Scott. “That’s another reason we went with the design we did. It allowed us to meet the client’s needs, budget, and desire for minimal on-site disruption, yet it was also light enough to carry and install in place without field welding.”

The finished product is exactly what Pura Vida needed, and that’s what the TMRnyc team loves to hear.

Have you been by Pura Vida Urban Fitness? Let us know when you see a TMRnyc design anywhere in the city!



Hand-forged Brooklyn Brownstone Baskets

March 8th, 2012


Custom Projects


Brooklyn is home base to the custom metal fabrication team at TMRnyc, so any time we get a chance to beautify the neighborhood, we’re pretty excited. Enter our latest project, a brownstone renovation in NYC’s historic Park Slope area.

Says TMRnyc’s Scott Behr, “This multi-million dollar renovation project has us busy with a custom metal gate and these window baskets which are pretty awesome.” Awesome is right. Check out the pictures Scott snapped during the installation.

Custom metal fabrication has a lot of elements, and every project brings a new challenge to the table with different skill sets coming into play. Fortunately, TMRnyc is ready for whatever comes up.

“We’re using hand-forged elements in the Park Slope brownstone baskets, which is a very traditional form of metalworking,” says Behr. “But we’re also working on other projects with modern laser cutting and stainless steel. Being able to utilize these different processes keeps it interesting and ensures we can fabricate whatever custom metal objects our clients need.” 

With blacksmiths, glass workers, mold makers, engineers, designers, and other experts on the TMRnyc team, switching between processes during concurrent projects isn’t a challenge; it’s just part of what we do.

Whether you’re dreaming of beautifying a brownstone or adding some luxury to your loft, TMRnyc has the skills and knowledge to work with you from concept through installation to bring your vision into reality.

What do your dreams look like?

Contact TMRnyc at 718-384-7818 to discuss your next custom metal project.




Custom Metal Made For Maytex

February 29th, 2012


Custom Projects


Even if you don’t know the Maytex brand name, odds are you’ve seen their innovative yet beautiful products.

Makers of all sorts of shower and window curtains, slipcovers, table covers, and more, Maytex is a global organization with worldwide distribution centers.

Recently, TMRnyc was called in to do some custom metal fabrication and installation for Maytex’s NYC shower curtain showroom where they display their items for buyers from Walmart and other large retailers.

 Now, we’ve done some different projects here at TMRnyc, but a custom metal installation to give a room filled with shower curtains a flowing, sculptural feel a la minimalist American sculptor Richard Serra was definitely something new.

Maytex’s long-time designer, Jo Waller, had drawn up some sketches of her ideas for the space but, says TMRnyc’s Scott Behr, “Everyone else wanted a fortune and wouldn’t do the installation. We were able to work this out … within budget and do it. We juggled some projects and got it done on time.”

Meeting a client’s budget is a major factor, of course. But for Behr, being able to do everything, from concept through installation, is truly what separates TMRnyc from the pack. Taking each project through installation ensures that the project ultimately matches up with the client’s expectations and the designer’s concept.

Says Behr, “This is really what sets us apart from other fabricators – the installation aspect. We don’t make anything without a really detailed set of shop drawings so the client always knows what to expect with the finished product.”

Contact TMRnyc at 718-384-7818 to discuss your next custom metal project.