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Conscious Consumerism With Unique Metal Products

December 6th, 2011




Swarf Metal FurnitureAt first glance, choosing furniture for your home or office doesn’t necessarily seem like a task that involves environmentalism or recycling.

But the truth is, when buying furniture, we can all make an effort toward conscious consumerism by selecting locally crafted unique metal products that last longer and produce less waste during the manufacturing process.

At TMRnyc, we’re committed to keeping our carbon footprint as small as possible by reducing manufacturing waste, turning swarf into functional art, and crafting products that last far beyond the lifespan of traditional wood furnishings.

“Swarf” is a catchall term used to describe the filings, shavings, and waste left over from the metalworking process.

Instead of recycling our swarf the way most fabricators do, we decided to salvage the laser-cut steel sheet drops to create our “greenest” product, the Swarf Table.

After our laser cutting, NYC master craftsmen gather the usable swarf to make these individually unique pieces, which are ideal for a broad range of uses: offices, lobbies, homes, and more.

That means your Swarf Table is made of upcycled materials; instead of being recycled, they’ve been put to use in new fabrication. New York City’s website for locally manufactured products,, has even included our Swarf Table among their green product listings.

We’re proud to create lasting, beautiful custom metal furnishings through environmentally conscious processes, and we’re always glad for the opportunity to sell to our local neighbors.

Come visit us in Brooklyn, and see how great buying local can be.


What Is “Swarf” And How Does It Become Furniture?

November 21st, 2011




NYC custom metal fabrication“Swarf” is simply a cool word for metal scrap.

Small filings, shavings, and other by-products are produced during the metal fabrication process, and these scraps are collectively called swarf.

Many companies simply recycle these bits of metalworking waste and debris. 

However, at TMRnyc, committed as we are to environmentally responsible practices, we decided to take things a little further with our swarf and, instead of recycling it, we started upcycling it into a really fantastic line of tables: The Swarf Collection.

Our Swarf Tables are individual, one-of-a-kind, functional works of art crafted from salvaged, laser cut, steel sheet drops: in other words, swarf. We upcycle this typically wasted material into tables of various patterns and sizes, then finish the tables in a variety of fashions and even add custom-cut glass tops.

Why waste that which has potential to be something so unique, useful, and beautiful?

Composed of more than 85% recycled material, and crafted right here in Brooklyn, we’re proud to say that our Swarf Tables have landed TMRnyc on New York City’s “Made in NYC Green Products” list.

Buying from local producers is one way we can all be more conscious consumers, so check out the Made in NYC website for all sorts of great links, descriptions, and information about locally manufactured products.

Contact us for more information about swarf and schedule a time for a personal consultation.


Swarf Table is Green Furniture

March 16th, 2009




The Swarf Table is made from salvaged, laser cut, steel sheet drops. These are re-purposed for the beautiful and interesting patterns created from the industrial process. Each table is unique and sizes vary. Finishing options are raw with clear coat, painted, blackened, and raw unfinished for you to finish as you please. Glass can be provided upon request at an additional charge or you may order it locally to fit your table. We kind of like the table without glass! Read More »