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SideWired End Table: Power Where You Need It Without The Cord Clutter

December 13th, 2011




small metal tables nycIt’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas (and Hanukkah, and Kwanza, and New Year’s, and insert-other-winter-time-celebration-here), and that means it’s gift-giving time.

Or, if you’re more of a glass-half-full kind of person (or a kid), maybe it’s gift-receiving time.

Either way: presents! And some of this year’s most fabulous presents will undoubtedly be electronics.

But before you know it, it’ll be January, and while you’ll probably be well entrenched in your new love affair with Siri, you’ll also be looking for a place to dock and charge that new iPhone along with whatever other techno-goodies Santa dropped off.

Many people like to keep their devices handy while they’re charging, so it’s not uncommon to see coffee tables, side tables, and nightstands cluttered with various chargers: one for the Bluetooth, one for the iPad, one for the smartphone, one for the wireless drywall stud finder… All the important stuff.

Cleaning Up that Wire Mess

Unfortunately, all these cables and chargers and wires create a big, tangled mess and sometimes a tripping hazard too. That’s where the SideWired™ End Table comes in.

This is one of the most practical pieces of custom metal furniture we make here at TMRnyc, and it’s one of our favorites among our unique metal products.

Why? Because SideWired™ End Tables are more than just tables; these are smart small metal tables NYC residents absolutely love. Functional as an end table, nightstand, or occasional piece in a home or office environment, the SideWired™ End Table, along with the entire SideWired™line, has built-in outlets so you can plug your phone right into the table, reducing the cord clutter, outlet overloads, and tripping hazards.

Available in multiple finishes and sizes, the SideWired™ desks and tables also make great holiday gifts. Especially if you give them with an iPhone.

Contact TMRnyc to learn more about our SideWired™ furniture line, and how they can help clean your cord clutter.