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Plein Sud Staircase

November 23rd, 2013


Custom Projects, Misc


M.C. Escher himself would have been impressed with this project. The goal for this project was to create a staircase that also appeared to be upside down. The project, located at The Smyth Hotel in Tribeca, was centered around the bar and led to the downstairs lounge.  The Smyth Hotel is highly acclaimed for providing both hotel accommodations and upscale residences with a distinguished modern appeal. If you ever get the chance to go see the project, keep your eyes open, David Bowie might just be walking down the stairs singing Within You.

Plein Sud at The Smyth Hotel

85 West Broadway, New York,  NY. 10007


Sticky: Total Metal Resource in the NY Times!

July 23rd, 2013





Working it Out, TMR-Style

April 6th, 2012


Custom Projects


“For the Pura Vida Urban Fitness project,” says TMRnyc’s Scott Behr, “we basically got an online inquiry that read, ‘Can you build me a structure that eight people could hang from simultaneously while doing rigorous exercise?’ and we said, ‘Yeah. We can do that,’ and we did.”

Scott says he found the entire Pura Vida project to be just as straightforward and smooth as its inception, saying, “What I really enjoyed about this project was the simplicity and ease that this project went together. From start to finish, the client was great to work with, it flowed through my shop very easily and was delivered within the time frame that we had promised.”

So, what was it, anyway? Well, Pura Vida Urban Fitness is a Prospect Heights fitness studio. The owner contacted TMRnyc because the gym needed a structure from which to hang fitness equipment and from which gym members could hang while working out. A previous structure hadn’t held up to the stress of all that weight, and it needed to be replaced, so owner Morgan Sevigny reached out to the experts at TMRnyc to get the job done right.

“For this project,” says Scott, “we wanted to give the space an industrial look that wasn’t overpowering and would blend in with Morgan’s existing design. We needed to plan, design, fabricate, and install. So, I went with a truss design that resembled a staging or bridge-type structure.”

From Sketch

Pura Vida Structure Sketch

To Fabrication

Pura Vida Custom Metal Truss

It took design, structural engineering, and installation expertise to fabricate this structure and install it in a working commercial space that could afford very little functional disruption.

“We didn’t want Morgan to have to shut down the gym!” says Scott. “That’s another reason we went with the design we did. It allowed us to meet the client’s needs, budget, and desire for minimal on-site disruption, yet it was also light enough to carry and install in place without field welding.”

The finished product is exactly what Pura Vida needed, and that’s what the TMRnyc team loves to hear.

Have you been by Pura Vida Urban Fitness? Let us know when you see a TMRnyc design anywhere in the city!



Custom-Fabricated Metal Seating: Modern Seating Pulls Double Duty

January 11th, 2012




Diamond Plated Box SeatingIt’s a chair! It’s a bench! It’s a table! It’s a … what exactly is that?

“That” is a diamond-plated box, and it’s one of the simplest yet most functional designs we’ve got here at TMRnyc’s metal fabrication shop.

Brooklyn, NYC residents and business owners alike have been snapping up these utilitarian conversation pieces because they’re not only completely on-trend, they’re diversely functional and durable. 

Measuring 12 inches by 12 inches square and 20 inches high, the Diamond-Plated Box seating element is industrial and minimal in design, yet something about it simply works in modern, trendy spaces. Initially meant as seating options, we’ve seen plenty of clients use them as small metal tables.

NYC designers like them as edgy ottomans as well, and they just seem to pull their weight no matter where they’re placed in a room.

One of the fun things about custom metal furniture is that, unlike wood or plastic, metal is durable enough to be used in multiple ways without showing wear. In fact, most of our sleek designs look better as they develop a patina with age. So when it’s time for a change, you can take that Diamond-Plated Box and use it as a table instead of the chair it’s been, or vice versa.

Pair it with a funky table lamp if it used to be a seating element, or plunk it down in the middle of the room as a coffee table if you’ve been using it at the end of a couch. That’s the fun part: The Diamond-Plated Box is whatever you think it is. All we know is that it’s cool.

For information about custom-fabricated metal seating available at TMRnyc, contact us.


TMR Custom Metal Work to the Rescue

November 29th, 2011


Custom Projects


The call came in last Tuesday afternoon right before Thanksgiving.  

Jack Gold, owner of Presidential Interiors and the millwork contractor on the build out of the new Ivanka Trump Fine Jewelry flagship store in Soho was in a jam.  He needed help completing a set of polished steel doors for display cases for the store’s grand opening on Friday — Black Friday — in just three days.

After searching Google for a custom metal fabricator, he found the TMR website and picked up the phone and spoke with Scott Behr, TMR’s founder and president.

Scott assured Jack that TMR was the right choice for the job and instilled a sense of confidence and relief.  The design and production teams at TMR have experience with this level of project and could manage the design, fabrication, and installation within the short time frame.  The display case doors would be completed and installed beautifully for Friday’s opening.

Instead of watching the parade and eating turkey on Thanksgiving Day, the TMR team put in 24 hours of hardcore custom metal work and delivered as promised.  Jack was psyched, and the store was ready in time for its Black Friday opening.

Congrats to the TMR team!
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Contact TMR for your custom metal fabrication needs and learn how TMR’s process can help make your project a success. Please call us first and in advance to see what we are capable of with a normal lead time. Metalwork is generally the last thing to be installed in a construction project. It should be the first thing purchased to get a perfect result, on time and on budget.