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MetroCard Belt Buckle

August 16th, 2010


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The Metrocard Belt Buckle is here.

The Metrocard buckle provides easy access to your subway fare card. Don’t miss those trains that always seem to show up when you’re running late. Gone are the days of fumbling to get your fare card out of your wallet while holding your bags, spilling the morning cup of coffee and staring in disbelief as the train takes off without you.

  • Ready access to your Metrocard or any public transit card.
  • Made of hot-rolled steel that develops a unique patina from daily wear.
  • Die-Cut red felt keeps the card from slipping out when you are doing cartwheels.
  • Handmade in Brooklyn, New York.
  • For use with any two button snap belt.
  • Limited edition of 1,000 – Hand stamped and numbered by the designer. ┬áPatrick J Quinn