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TMRnyc USA Map Shelving Unit Featured in New York Spaces

February 14th, 2014


Custom Projects, Products


The greatest things can happen when you aren’t paying attention. In our case, we got written up in New York Spaces magazine—and we didn’t even know it!

We recently got a call from a woman interested in “that amazing USA map shelf I saw in New York Spaces.” She was kind enough to send us the article in question. Sure enough, our shelving unit was featured in a January spread as part of a tricked out, ultra lavish man-cave. Cool! We’ve yet to locate a digital copy of the article, but here’s the scanned version:


NY Spaces Cover

NY Spaces Page













This perfectly seamed beauty measures 47 3/16” x 76 7/8” x 10”, and you can bring one home for $55,000 (mind you, it’ll take time—we don’t just keep these lying around).

If you’re interested in upping your manliness, a USA map shelf in the master study couldn’t hurt. However, if you’re on a budget, a trip to Metal Shop Fantasy Camp will do you one better. A few days welding with the pros, and you’ll have the foundations to create your own rugged work of steel.

Hangin’ Tough

February 3rd, 2014


Custom Projects, Products



We’re in the press again! We received a call last week from a woman asking how she could get our USA Map bookshelf as featured in the current issue of New York Spaces Magazine. As this was news to us, she was so kind as to fax us the page. Lookin’ good, if we do say so ourselves.  Keep those press mentions coming, and if you see us around, let us know.

NY Spaces_USA BookshelfNY Spaces_USA Bookshelf 2


Turn On Your Desk

April 2nd, 2012


Design, Products


TMRnyc SideWired DeskJust this week, Scott Behr, owner of TMRnyc, was reading The New York Times online, and he came across a Home & Garden piece by Steven Kurutz about the need for today’s furniture manufacturers to adapt their designs to our new digital lifestyle.

“It was called Furniture Meets the Digital Age,’” says Behr with a smile. “Great article, and the guy’s right – furniture needs to change to not only reflect how we live today but actually support that lifestyle. That is, it’s not enough to have a shelf for your iPhone to sit on next to your bed at night. You need a docking station so the phone can be accessible while charging. Still,” Behr continues, “reading that piece, I couldn’t help thinking, ‘Yeah, we’ve been doing that at TMRnyc for several years now.’

In particular, Behr was referencing the SideWired™ Furniture line. In 2009, some of the TMRnyc team members simply got fed up with the constant cord clutter challenge so many people hassle with daily, especially on their desks.

On a given desk, the average person might always have a lamp, a printer, an external hard drive, and a phone. But then add in the portables that need constant charging for efficient use such as cell phones, tablets, and laptops, and suddenly the desk is a crisscross of cords, all of which trail down over the edge onto a power strip that’s plugged into the wall. It’s messy, disorganized, and ruins the aesthetic appeal of what might otherwise be a gorgeous office.

From this observation was born the SideWired™ Desk, a prototype for the Brooklyn Design 2009 show, which ultimately gave way to the entire SideWired™ Furniture line.

The desk is a minimalist design, clean, with a glass top. Beneath that glass top is a flip-down compartment for adapters and coils of excess cord length. The necessary amount of cord is fed up through small holes in the glass, while the plug is fed toward the side of the desk where it plugs into a/c outlets that are built right into the UL-Listed desk itself. The desk plugs into the wall, and functions safely with a simple on/off switch that serves as a surge protector to safeguard your electronics.

“Today’s technology is about integration and customization,” says Behr, “and your furniture should be, too. That’s what works about the SideWired™ line. It’s furniture for the way we live. Now.”

What do you think of the SideWired™ line? In what style of desk would you like to see this functionality? We’re working on some exciting new designs, so stay tuned to the TMRnyc blog for product updates and exciting news!


Mirror Mirror On The Wall…

January 27th, 2012




TMRnyc Channel MirrorAt TMRnyc, we’re metal fabricators NYC residents and business owners know for unique metal products and custom metal furniture.

But we just can’t stand being typecast like a redheaded child star, so we have to break out of that custom metal role once in a while and make something a little different. And what’s as different as can be from sturdy, durable, tough-as-nails metal?

Mirrors. Gorgeous, stylish, who’s-the-fairest?-determining mirrors.

Our “Twin-Angle Mirror” is one you have to see in person. We get excited whenever somebody buys one because that means we get to make more. Then there’s the “Massive 4” Angle Mirror.” We chose this name because it really is that big.

A full-length mirror in a gorgeous steel angle frame, it’s ninety-six inches tall with an enormously fabulous steel frame that turns a bathroom standard to an any-room focal point. Last up, the “Channel Mirror.” This one is a 34-inch, rolled channel, steel-framed mirror. Simply gorgeous, this sleek, circular design fits well just about anywhere: home, office, lobby, restaurant, garage…

There’s nothing we like more than metal fabrication. Brooklyn is our home, and we love beautifying it (and all of NY) through custom metal work. How better to do that than by reflecting NY’s beauty back with some of the sweetest mirrors around?

Where do you want to add some beauty? Give us a call and we’ll help you get started.


One-of-a-Kind Furniture For Every Home’s Décor

January 13th, 2012




One-of-a-Kind FurnitureAt TMRnyc, we make unique metal products and perform custom metal fabrication NYC shop owners crave. But we also make custom metal furniture that can bring that one-of-a-kind feel to any home’s décor without breaking the bank.

We often hear from decorators and private parties who are looking for that one special piece that really makes a statement and serves as the focal point of a space.

And while they’re often already open to adding some unique metal products if they’ve sought us out, they do typically want those pieces to be more than art, more than designer conversation-starters. They want those elements to be functional, high quality, lasting pieces of furniture.

For these clients, we have a lot of fun building bookshelves, tables, and entertainment centers that fit the bill (and the space).

One of our favorites: The U-Shelf. This open-design entertainment center/shelving unit allows for easy access from both sides, making it ideal for electronic components while also enabling it to serve as a room separator – always a great idea for a small space!

Another consistent winner: The Swarf Table line. These urban chic, functionally artistic tables are made from upcycled swarf, making them ideal for conscious consumers and designers alike.

What are you looking for? Don’t see it on our site? That’s ok. That’s better than ok. That’s great!

We love a challenge, especially when it means we get to create custom metal furniture that’s just right for our clients. Touch base with us today, and let us know what you want to build.