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TMRnyc USA Map Shelving Unit Featured in New York Spaces

February 14th, 2014


Custom Projects, Products

The greatest things can happen when you aren’t paying attention. In our case, we got written up in New York Spaces magazine—and we didn’t even know it!

We recently got a call from a woman interested in “that amazing USA map shelf I saw in New York Spaces.” She was kind enough to send us the article in question. Sure enough, our shelving unit was featured in a January spread as part of a tricked out, ultra lavish man-cave. Cool! We’ve yet to locate a digital copy of the article, but here’s the scanned version:


NY Spaces Cover

NY Spaces Page













This perfectly seamed beauty measures 47 3/16” x 76 7/8” x 10”, and you can bring one home for $55,000 (mind you, it’ll take time—we don’t just keep these lying around).

If you’re interested in upping your manliness, a USA map shelf in the master study couldn’t hurt. However, if you’re on a budget, a trip to Metal Shop Fantasy Camp will do you one better. A few days welding with the pros, and you’ll have the foundations to create your own rugged work of steel.

Hangin’ Tough

February 3rd, 2014


Custom Projects, Products


We’re in the press again! We received a call last week from a woman asking how she could get our USA Map bookshelf as featured in the current issue of New York Spaces Magazine. As this was news to us, she was so kind as to fax us the page. Lookin’ good, if we do say so ourselves.  Keep those press mentions coming, and if you see us around, let us know.

NY Spaces_USA BookshelfNY Spaces_USA Bookshelf 2


Busy Little Worker Bees

January 28th, 2014



The TMR boys have been busy bees this week, completing numerous projects for Chobani, Quin Hotel, and Shinola. They worked through the weekend and were in the shop bright and early Monday morning. As always, excellent work, boys! Thank you for everything you do, and for keeping TMR tops in NYC.


photo 1 photo 3 photo 3 (1) photo 2

photo 2 (1)

Starbucks Reserve Lettering

January 6th, 2014



Starbucks, a set by ScottAstronaut on Flickr.

We just completed another project for Starbucks, this time for a location at JP Morgan Chase. We created the stainless steel lettering for their Starbucks Reserve display, using precision waterjet cutting. The letters were then drilled with blind tap holes and threaded for 8-32 threaded studs. A standoff spacer was provided, and the letters were finished with a directional #4 finish.


Plein Sud Staircase

November 23rd, 2013


Custom Projects, Misc

M.C. Escher himself would have been impressed with this project. The goal for this project was to create a staircase that also appeared to be upside down. The project, located at The Smyth Hotel in Tribeca, was centered around the bar and led to the downstairs lounge.  The Smyth Hotel is highly acclaimed for providing both hotel accommodations and upscale residences with a distinguished modern appeal. If you ever get the chance to go see the project, keep your eyes open, David Bowie might just be walking down the stairs singing Within You.

Plein Sud at The Smyth Hotel

85 West Broadway, New York,  NY. 10007