She agrees with her Izabela Dragan.

She agrees with her Izabela Dragan. – The main reason for the lack of interest in work in the office are unattractive pay conditions. The most sought-after employees are professionals with industry technical permissions, eg. The road construction, land surveying, urban planning, architecture – wskazuje.Kwaśniewski of Law and Justice: It is the richest, the strongest party in Poland. The advantage of the last in the history of the Communist Party had only >> – The solution is the outsourcing of services outside – tells Marta Stachowiak from the City Hall in Bydgoszcz. Confusion of money since 2009. Local governments can increase the maximum wage rates for local workers employed on contracts of employment.

The government sets wages only for people with choice (eg. The mayor or the mayor, and the appointment (eg. Treasurer). So what precludes to increase the salaries of civil servants? See also: Local governments have a way of debtors. Guilty municipality will not buy washing machine installment »- last year, the government decided to reduce the rates for the rulers. so we can not propose officials – including the heads – salaries higher than are their bosses – explains Marek Olszewski, the governor of Torun, President of the Union of Rural Communes of the Republic of Poland. he adds that the means the tasks commissioned by the government are not sufficient to ensure that enabled them officials respective salaries.

Local authorities argue i need help with statistics that the number of civil servants will decrease naturally. – for the Master of administration the remuneration that are struggling teachers, is an unattainable dream. They start their careers in local government with a salary of wage me nimalnej – complains Marek Olszewski.zobacz also in the regional government does not have fresh blood. The residents still prefer the same rulers? » This follows from the reply given by the Ministry of Family, Labor and Social Policy (MRPiPS) to the interpellation No. 29844 Ms Catherine Osos with PO. It indicates that report to the local governments drawing attention to the fact that in the Act of 4 February 2011. Care for children aged up to 3 years (ie Journal of Laws of 2019.

Pos. 409) there is no regulation of financing when the nursery school children attend non-residents of the municipality. Local government, from which a toddler, then there is no obligation to repay subsidies municipality, which covers the operating costs of care services. It emphasizes that such a solution is set forth in the education system in relation to the nursery. Therefore MRPiPS MP asks whether it intends to change the provisions of the Act nurseries, analogous to the way it looked settlement costs between municipalities in their nurseries when there are children who are not their citizens.

Ministry explains that Article. 60 and 60a of the Act leaves the municipality of leeway in deciding whether to grant-nurseries, children’s clubs and daily caregivers operating in its territory. It is in the resolution of the municipal council determines whether it will subsidize institutions for babies and whether support will be granted only for the children of its land or other local governments. In addition to award grants for children from other municipalities may result from an agreement between the governments. According to the ministry should bear in mind the fact that nurseries and children’s clubs do not belong to the education system and are not covered by the subsidy or equivalent, a common system of financing from the state budget money.

Therefore it does not seem appropriate to impose municipalities similar regulations have been adopted for kindergartens. The current wording of the legislation provides for local authorities to choose the optimal solution. Is another chapter of tasks and army officials will make everything come out perfectly? Possibly. Although at the moment it is the fear, if we can complete willing to work during elections. The National Electoral Commission has already lowers the requirements by issuing another resolution that does not have support in the Electoral Code. And her boss says explicitly that there are problems with recruitment.

Added to this is not the best cooperation with the local government election officials. And the question – whether they are prepared to substantively pracy.Za few willing to pracyNa time election function – except NEC – are two types of electoral commissions: territory and peripheral. The former were to be established until 11 September. According to the foundation should work on them a few thousand people – after 9 in each territorial committee. But there are problems with this. – People actually missing, which is why we have made a resolution authorizing the reduction of the minimum number of territorial electoral commission to 5 people, even though the same code does not provide for direct election of such a possibility. However, election commissioners tasked to make up as much as possible in these stores until the first round of the election – says Wojciech Hermeliński, chairman of the State Commission Wyborczej.Jak explains one of our interviewees with KBW, if the conduct of elections is at risk is the highest electoral body must take action, even if it goes beyond the statutory delegation. – Election Code is a specific creature, many of the recipes are vague or even incompatible reality.

Therefore, all largely based on interpretations of casuistry or PMC – wskazuje.zobacz also underfunding and disinformation – are just some of the problems that municipalities already report on the organization of elections »The tasks of the committee include, among others territorial registration of candidates for councilors. This work should start now, because the list of volunteers were closed on 17 September. In addition, the committees deal with the printing of election notices, complaints on the activities of the electoral commissions and submitting the results of voting Commissioner wyborczemu.Działalności not yet begun to district electoral commissions, which are those that operate in polling stations. Today, in fact it ends up recruiting willing to work. The new electoral code introduces two distinct body at this level – committees. Committees and a vote to determine the voting results. The need for so many more people to work than four years ago.

The country is over 27 thousand. voting districts, each committee needs a 9-passenger composition (or a minimum of five people, if trouble finding takers). This means that in the target model, you will need to recruit more than 480 thousand. people (see interview with Anna Godzwon). NEC confirms these numbers, but points out that today is not able to provide partial data on the number of applications for work in the committees wyborczych.Czy peripheral warehouses all these committees fail to complete? The answer will be announced in the coming days. But if the main criterion is financial, it can actually be a problem, because the earnings are not very encouraging – is 300 zł for an ordinary member of this body. Problems with recruitment were four years ago, and yet if it took half the people functioned since only one type of polling stations. – There have been cases that someone volunteered to work in the electoral commission, and then we learned that this is not a job for one night, and give up.

Another thing that some committees refrained from issuing willing, because she preferred them to report to the peripheral committee that seem voters card and convert voices – says our source in KBW.Pluralizm? Unfortunately wszędzieGeneralna rule on the creation of the commission warehouses, both territorial and peripheral – due to the new electoral code – assumes that 6 out of 9 seats will be associated committees party or coalition of political parties. But just the fact that in the last elections to the regional council of the region independently formed electoral committee received the mandate or mandates in the region or in the recent elections to the Sejm alone formed an election committee, which received the mandate or mandates. Therefore, in practice, only the PiS and PSL have a guaranteed place in polling stations unless indicate his people. The remaining places will compete for the remaining committees, often through a public drawing (when the seats in the committee is less than the reported persons) .See also: Wenzel: The easiest way is to control the councilors or mayors, because they are closest to the citizens [INTERVIEW] “The fewer places will fill the political parties , the more benefit the non-party committees.

This mechanism was to ensure pluralism in the committees. How to work out in practice? We can verify this on the example configurations of territorial election commissions. And so, in the municipal election commission in Szczecin Good, it is true, failed to appoint a full 9-man squad, but up 7 seats occupied there by representatives of one committee (KPI Teresa Dera). One place went to the representative of Law and Justice, and another – the person designated by the Coalition Civic Platform and Modern. Another example – the municipal electoral commission in Jadów, where 5 9 seats occupied by representatives of the electoral committee “Mazowiecka Community Local Government”. This, however, instances where the majority of local committees took voters.

But it so happened that dominated the representatives of political parties. That happened in the municipal election commission in Puck, where 6 out of 9 seats to people from Law and Justice Committee. One place was the local committee, and the other two places shared Civic Coalition PO and the PSL-N. Not much further, because Reda, PiS 7 until 9 members of the municipal committee. Of course, a clear dominance of the ruling party is not widespread.

Sometimes the advantage gained Civic Coalition PO-N. For example, in the municipal election commission in Dębnica Kashubian won 9 seats 4. One took place in turn the PSL, and the rest – local committees. PiS representative run. The head of the NEC Wojciech Hermeliński explains to us that this is not so much a result of political manipulation as problems in recruiting volunteers to work in committees. Weekly DGP September 21, 2018 Source: Dziennik Gazeta Prawna The controversy also raises is who in general can sit in the electoral commissions, and who is not. This issue is not directly regulated in one provision.

Adjustments are scattered throughout the Electoral Code. For example. Article. 153 p. 1 and 2 says that they can not sit in them candidates in the elections, the electoral commissioners, agents and financial electoral, electoral officials and shop stewards. On the other hand, Art.

184, p. 1 paragraph. 2a shows that there may also be a candidate relatives, for example. Spouse, children, grandchildren, rodzice.PKW recognized, however, that in some cases deviate from the statutory regulations are possible. At least that is clear from the letter that on September 10 the head of the NEC Wojciech Hermeliński sent to election commissioners. He points out that such a person as a spouse of the candidate, his ascendants, descendants or siblings, may sit on committees, but in the area of ​​another local government unit than the one in which candidates persons related or the same unit – provided that the peripheral commission the election is not appropriate for the constituency in which the candidate a relative. Wojciech Hermeliński explained to us that the NEC complaints affect a lot of questions, why do not you work in the electoral commission, eg.

In Katowice, where someone in the family is a candidate in a completely different city, eg. In Warsaw. – We decided that the provisions in this regard are too strict. We did not want to constitute another barrier in recruiting people to work in committees – said the head of the NEC. Reserves, however, that this exemption does not apply to a situation where the candidate, who is a member of our family, a candidate for mayor, mayor or city president in the gminie.TO ONLY PART OF THE TEXT. Read the full article in the weekly Gazeta Prawna >>

Some analysts argue that in the course of his gold may rise to the level of 3.55. This would mean strengthening of the US currency by about 3.5 proc.- trend weakening of the euro against the dollar is very strong and there is no reason to believe that it will be stopped. Investors do not see in Europe safe assets. The capital will wander and wander the ocean – explains Lukasz Wrobel, an analyst of DM Noble Securities. – Recent macroeconomic data from the US economy show that a third round of quantitative easing monetary policy is far too early, hence the dollar may continue to gain as so. safe haven – says Konrad Ryczko, an analyst at DM BOS. Polish analysts’ forecasts for the dollar in gold Source: DGP How to make money?

People who have a small budget for investment, and strong nerves, can open a futures contract on USD / PLN. This financial instrument is available in all brokerage houses and investment firms offering access to the foreign exchange market (forex). The problem with the fact that the game in the currency market can give you a lot of profits, but can also bring big losses. A safer way to earn a dollar is to invest in mutual funds, denominated in the best walucie.W minority, that is, assuming zloty strengthening of the dollar in the coming weeks, he was among David Jacek EFix with DM. – During the last session, there were times that the Polish currency strengthened against the dollar, despite the fact that the euro was weakening. You can see that investors are looking for high-yield currencies, and this is at the moment the Polish zloty. This is due to the large difference in interest rates in Poland and the West. I think that this phenomenon will continue, that gold will be an attractive capital investment – says David Jacek.Według David Jack and David Kostecki from XTB after the holiday markets will expect the third program run printing of dollars the US Federal Reserve.

It will mean a rise in the stock markets and the weakening of the dollar. That’s why David and David Jacek Kostecki bet that at the end of the year the dollar will have to pay only 3.00 – 3.30 zł. Average forecast of analysts regarding the USD / PLN rate at the end of the year is 3.30, or 3.8 percent. below Friday’s poziomów.zobacz also siuda: Taking out a loan in Swiss francs was a wise decision “Installment loans in euro will be lower» Juan very fashionable in Polish banks “does not threaten the Golden disaster” More and easier to replace currency for a holiday. But not cheaper »Some analysts assume, however, maintain the value of the dollar at high levels until the end of the year. – The slowdown in the Polish economy, which in the third and fourth quarter of the year will be no more visible, will discourage investors to our currency. Dollar by the end of the year can be found even in the vicinity of 3.60 – Marek Kubicki Wołos DM TMS Brokers.Od July 3 dollar against the zloty strengthened by 4.1 per cent., And in the last 3 months by 8.3 percent.

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