How Custom Metalworking Can Transform a Storefront into a Landmark




Teenagers meet at the St. Mark’s cube to stroll down Eighth Street. Friends talk over coffee on the Met steps. Mac geeks link up at the oversized ice-block that is the Apple store. Natives and tourists alike mingle on Lincoln Center’s two-story, sloping lawn and café

Chobani SoHo Flagship Store

In a city where the streetscape is in constant flux, New Yorkers love their landmarks. They make meeting up and giving directions easy (“It’s just around the corner from that weird little one-story office on Lafayette,” or “I’m standing right below the Union Square Metrinome—yeah, that huge sculpture with the steam pouring out.”). They bring beauty and livelihood to an already distinctive city. And each new landmark incites a broad range of reactions.


At Total Metal Resource, we fabricate landmark-worthy pieces from steel, stainless steel, iron, and copper. From a colorful, decorative metal circle dot screen at Sprinkles on Lexington, to the chocolaty rusted steel that wraps around the Chobani flagship store in SOHO, our hand crafted metalworking stands out among mundane storefronts. Tourists take photos in front of Sprinkles—and then pop in for a cupcake or two. Sprinkles Dot-Screen Store FrontHere’s why we recommend investing in custom metalwork for your retail space:


  1. Our one-of-a-kind metal installation work brings notoriety to your brand through traditional media, social media, and word of mouth.

  2. A distinctive looking store, café, or restaurant makes a great meeting spot—which means more returning customers.

  3. By piquing the curiosity of passersby, a distinctive, polished storefront will dramatically increase your foot traffic.


Check out our work for Sprinkles and Chobani.






Date: July 23rd, 2013

Category: Misc