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Well, There’s Something You Don’t See Every Day…

March 23rd, 2012


Custom Projects


Custom metal fabrication is as much an art as it is a science. Craftsmanship and skill come together to create unique metal pieces in our shop every day that we look on as functional works of art. But our recent work with Parisian artist Adel Abdessemed was all about the art, and it was seriously cool.


Friend of the shop, Derek Haffar, introduced the TMRnyc team to Abdessemed when the artist was looking for a space in which to work on his ironically titled piece, Hope. The entire TMRnyc team was eager to participate in a new, different project that was truly art for art’s sake. Says TMRnyc’s Scott Behr, “Derek spearheaded the creation of the cast garbage bags and the overall production of the artwork. It was a really interesting project to work on. Our unique shop happens to have a ground floor, drive-in space, and our 5,000 square-foot shop made it possible to accommodate such an unusual request.”

The end product, Hope, is installed at the David Zwirner Gallery in New York. Reviewers are deconstructing the work and hailing it as brilliant irony and social commentary.’s Emily Nathan says of the piece, “The attitude of Algerian-born, Paris-based artist Adel Abdessemed (b. 1971) is distinctly embodied in an installation that anchors his current exhibition at David Zwirner gallery in Chelsea — a foundered dinghy that he discovered in the Florida Keys, shipped to New York, filled with cast resin sculptures of black garbage bags and perversely titled Hope (2011-2012).”

The vision was Abdessemed’s. The concept. The goal. This time around, the TMRnyc team was glad to take a supporting role and just help out another artist.

Behind the scenes video showing the boat arriving at the TMRnyc shop

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Introducing the New TMRnyc Van

March 15th, 2012


Behind the Scenes


If you’ve been out and about in NYC recently, you may have noticed the TMRnyc van rolling around. Sometimes people seem a bit surprised to see us motoring around the city so much, especially considering we’re custom metal fabricators and people often assume we pretty much live in the shop. Nothing could be further from the truth.


Total Metal Resource NYC is a custom metal fabrication company, but we’re also an architectural metalwork firm. The difference? We don’t just make incredible custom metal furnishings. We install them. We build to our clients’ most exacting specifications from highly detailed shop drawings, and then we transport and install their custom designs wherever they need to go. We see each project through from concept to cleanup because we are more than metal fabricators.

Installations are as much a part of what we do as any of our metalworking fabrication processes. Need entirely new hanging window baskets built into your retrofitted brownstone? We’ll build it, and then we’ll safely transport and securely install it. Beyond installing our own work, we actually tackle emergencies and installations of third-party products. So, if your oversized, thousand-pound antique mirror wasn’t properly anchored to the wall, you can call us and expect to see the TMRnyc van come rolling up STAT.

Have a massive piece of artwork you need lifted through a window and into a third-story room for proper installation? Yeah, we do that. And that’s what the van’s for.

Have you seen us around town?

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Hand-forged Brooklyn Brownstone Baskets

March 8th, 2012


Custom Projects


Brooklyn is home base to the custom metal fabrication team at TMRnyc, so any time we get a chance to beautify the neighborhood, we’re pretty excited. Enter our latest project, a brownstone renovation in NYC’s historic Park Slope area.

Says TMRnyc’s Scott Behr, “This multi-million dollar renovation project has us busy with a custom metal gate and these window baskets which are pretty awesome.” Awesome is right. Check out the pictures Scott snapped during the installation.

Custom metal fabrication has a lot of elements, and every project brings a new challenge to the table with different skill sets coming into play. Fortunately, TMRnyc is ready for whatever comes up.

“We’re using hand-forged elements in the Park Slope brownstone baskets, which is a very traditional form of metalworking,” says Behr. “But we’re also working on other projects with modern laser cutting and stainless steel. Being able to utilize these different processes keeps it interesting and ensures we can fabricate whatever custom metal objects our clients need.” 

With blacksmiths, glass workers, mold makers, engineers, designers, and other experts on the TMRnyc team, switching between processes during concurrent projects isn’t a challenge; it’s just part of what we do.

Whether you’re dreaming of beautifying a brownstone or adding some luxury to your loft, TMRnyc has the skills and knowledge to work with you from concept through installation to bring your vision into reality.

What do your dreams look like?

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