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Custom Metal Made For Maytex

February 29th, 2012


Custom Projects


Even if you don’t know the Maytex brand name, odds are you’ve seen their innovative yet beautiful products.

Makers of all sorts of shower and window curtains, slipcovers, table covers, and more, Maytex is a global organization with worldwide distribution centers.

Recently, TMRnyc was called in to do some custom metal fabrication and installation for Maytex’s NYC shower curtain showroom where they display their items for buyers from Walmart and other large retailers.

 Now, we’ve done some different projects here at TMRnyc, but a custom metal installation to give a room filled with shower curtains a flowing, sculptural feel a la minimalist American sculptor Richard Serra was definitely something new.

Maytex’s long-time designer, Jo Waller, had drawn up some sketches of her ideas for the space but, says TMRnyc’s Scott Behr, “Everyone else wanted a fortune and wouldn’t do the installation. We were able to work this out … within budget and do it. We juggled some projects and got it done on time.”

Meeting a client’s budget is a major factor, of course. But for Behr, being able to do everything, from concept through installation, is truly what separates TMRnyc from the pack. Taking each project through installation ensures that the project ultimately matches up with the client’s expectations and the designer’s concept.

Says Behr, “This is really what sets us apart from other fabricators – the installation aspect. We don’t make anything without a really detailed set of shop drawings so the client always knows what to expect with the finished product.”

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