Mirror Mirror On The Wall…

TMRnyc Channel MirrorAt TMRnyc, we’re metal fabricators NYC residents and business owners know for unique metal products and custom metal furniture.

But we just can’t stand being typecast like a redheaded child star, so we have to break out of that custom metal role once in a while and make something a little different. And what’s as different as can be from sturdy, durable, tough-as-nails metal?

Mirrors. Gorgeous, stylish, who’s-the-fairest?-determining mirrors.

Our “Twin-Angle Mirror” is one you have to see in person. We get excited whenever somebody buys one because that means we get to make more. Then there’s the “Massive 4” Angle Mirror.” We chose this name because it really is that big.

A full-length mirror in a gorgeous steel angle frame, it’s ninety-six inches tall with an enormously fabulous steel frame that turns a bathroom standard to an any-room focal point. Last up, the “Channel Mirror.” This one is a 34-inch, rolled channel, steel-framed mirror. Simply gorgeous, this sleek, circular design fits well just about anywhere: home, office, lobby, restaurant, garage…

There’s nothing we like more than metal fabrication. Brooklyn is our home, and we love beautifying it (and all of NY) through custom metal work. How better to do that than by reflecting NY’s beauty back with some of the sweetest mirrors around?

Where do you want to add some beauty? Give us a call and we’ll help you get started.


Date: January 27th, 2012

Category: Products

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