Sprucing Up The Outdoors With Custom Metal Fabrication

44 Berry Awning Rendering

44 Berry Awning Rendering

When you’re selling a home, Realtors spend a lot of time telling you to increase your “curb appeal.”

You know the concept: make the house look good from the outside to give a good first impression before buyers even cross the threshold. The same holds true for commercial spaces, particularly when you’re looking to increase foot traffic.

One way we like to help local business owners increase their curb appeal is by creating pieces through custom metal fabrication NYC shops can use to attract customers.

Even better, we make those unique metal products functional, so they’re more than eye candy – they’re usable, durable pieces of art that serve an actual purpose while also bringing in passersby.

44 Berry Awning Finished

44 Berry Awning Finished

Sometimes, a project like this is as simple as creating a unique awning for a storefront, as we did for the lofts at 44 Berry. This is a piece of custom metal work NYC residents in the area pass daily, and it serves as an address sign, awning, and artistic expression of the building’s overall feel.

For a restaurant, this type of external “branding” can be extremely attractive to potential diners, and that’s always money well spent.

Instead of the standard fare tables and chairs, you can create a bistro feel for your restaurant’s outdoor patio by having us create some customized small metal tables NYC commuters love for convenience and ambiance.

Set them under a specialty awning and pair with some chic lighting from our electrically inclined metal fabricators: NYC meets Paris right on your front patio.

What does your storefront say about you? Give TMRnyc a call and see how we can bring the indoor feel of your shop out into the light.


Date: January 25th, 2012

Category: Custom Projects

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