One-of-a-Kind Furniture For Every Home’s Décor

One-of-a-Kind FurnitureAt TMRnyc, we make unique metal products and perform custom metal fabrication NYC shop owners crave. But we also make custom metal furniture that can bring that one-of-a-kind feel to any home’s décor without breaking the bank.

We often hear from decorators and private parties who are looking for that one special piece that really makes a statement and serves as the focal point of a space.

And while they’re often already open to adding some unique metal products if they’ve sought us out, they do typically want those pieces to be more than art, more than designer conversation-starters. They want those elements to be functional, high quality, lasting pieces of furniture.

For these clients, we have a lot of fun building bookshelves, tables, and entertainment centers that fit the bill (and the space).

One of our favorites: The U-Shelf. This open-design entertainment center/shelving unit allows for easy access from both sides, making it ideal for electronic components while also enabling it to serve as a room separator – always a great idea for a small space!

Another consistent winner: The Swarf Table line. These urban chic, functionally artistic tables are made from upcycled swarf, making them ideal for conscious consumers and designers alike.

What are you looking for? Don’t see it on our site? That’s ok. That’s better than ok. That’s great!

We love a challenge, especially when it means we get to create custom metal furniture that’s just right for our clients. Touch base with us today, and let us know what you want to build.



Date: January 13th, 2012

Category: Products

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