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Mirror Mirror On The Wall…

January 27th, 2012




TMRnyc Channel MirrorAt TMRnyc, we’re metal fabricators NYC residents and business owners know for unique metal products and custom metal furniture.

But we just can’t stand being typecast like a redheaded child star, so we have to break out of that custom metal role once in a while and make something a little different. And what’s as different as can be from sturdy, durable, tough-as-nails metal?

Mirrors. Gorgeous, stylish, who’s-the-fairest?-determining mirrors.

Our “Twin-Angle Mirror” is one you have to see in person. We get excited whenever somebody buys one because that means we get to make more. Then there’s the “Massive 4” Angle Mirror.” We chose this name because it really is that big.

A full-length mirror in a gorgeous steel angle frame, it’s ninety-six inches tall with an enormously fabulous steel frame that turns a bathroom standard to an any-room focal point. Last up, the “Channel Mirror.” This one is a 34-inch, rolled channel, steel-framed mirror. Simply gorgeous, this sleek, circular design fits well just about anywhere: home, office, lobby, restaurant, garage…

There’s nothing we like more than metal fabrication. Brooklyn is our home, and we love beautifying it (and all of NY) through custom metal work. How better to do that than by reflecting NY’s beauty back with some of the sweetest mirrors around?

Where do you want to add some beauty? Give us a call and we’ll help you get started.


Sprucing Up The Outdoors With Custom Metal Fabrication

January 25th, 2012


Custom Projects


44 Berry Awning Rendering

44 Berry Awning Rendering

When you’re selling a home, Realtors spend a lot of time telling you to increase your “curb appeal.”

You know the concept: make the house look good from the outside to give a good first impression before buyers even cross the threshold. The same holds true for commercial spaces, particularly when you’re looking to increase foot traffic.

One way we like to help local business owners increase their curb appeal is by creating pieces through custom metal fabrication NYC shops can use to attract customers.

Even better, we make those unique metal products functional, so they’re more than eye candy – they’re usable, durable pieces of art that serve an actual purpose while also bringing in passersby.

44 Berry Awning Finished

44 Berry Awning Finished

Sometimes, a project like this is as simple as creating a unique awning for a storefront, as we did for the lofts at 44 Berry. This is a piece of custom metal work NYC residents in the area pass daily, and it serves as an address sign, awning, and artistic expression of the building’s overall feel.

For a restaurant, this type of external “branding” can be extremely attractive to potential diners, and that’s always money well spent.

Instead of the standard fare tables and chairs, you can create a bistro feel for your restaurant’s outdoor patio by having us create some customized small metal tables NYC commuters love for convenience and ambiance.

Set them under a specialty awning and pair with some chic lighting from our electrically inclined metal fabricators: NYC meets Paris right on your front patio.

What does your storefront say about you? Give TMRnyc a call and see how we can bring the indoor feel of your shop out into the light.


Light It Up!

January 23rd, 2012


Custom Projects


Whether at home or at work, lighting is an important part of every décor.

The right lighting can make a difference in how your furniture looks (especially that cool custom metal furniture!) by casting different levels of light and color, how comfortable the room is for reading or conversation, and how the atmosphere of the room feels.

Without the right lighting, your space can feel too bright, too dark, or uninspired. But with a little custom metal fabrication, NYC homes and businesses alike can have those unique metal products that create just the right finishing touches no matter where you need them.

 True, usually we’re busy at TMRnyc making our super manly belt buckle, The RetroCard Belt Buckle; or our man-cave fave, The Pipe Bomb Bar. Or we’re off installing hanging window baskets or a custom sign or … you get the picture.

But we dig getting our electrical groove on with some lighting fabrication. And yes, it’s all UL-listed and all that good stuff. New York diners can catch glimpses of some of our handiwork over at Colicchio & Sons, where we installed some super cool custom lighting to make their oven hood glow like a burning ember.

Whether you need a massive lighting installation for your customized, wood-burning, industrial oven, or you just want some kickin’ sconces for your patio, TMRnyc has your lighting needs covered. Plus, we can make it all mesh and match with the rest of your custom metal furniture, because we’re cool like that.

Contact TMRnyc for your custom metal fabrication needs.


One-of-a-Kind Furniture For Every Home’s Décor

January 13th, 2012




One-of-a-Kind FurnitureAt TMRnyc, we make unique metal products and perform custom metal fabrication NYC shop owners crave. But we also make custom metal furniture that can bring that one-of-a-kind feel to any home’s décor without breaking the bank.

We often hear from decorators and private parties who are looking for that one special piece that really makes a statement and serves as the focal point of a space.

And while they’re often already open to adding some unique metal products if they’ve sought us out, they do typically want those pieces to be more than art, more than designer conversation-starters. They want those elements to be functional, high quality, lasting pieces of furniture.

For these clients, we have a lot of fun building bookshelves, tables, and entertainment centers that fit the bill (and the space).

One of our favorites: The U-Shelf. This open-design entertainment center/shelving unit allows for easy access from both sides, making it ideal for electronic components while also enabling it to serve as a room separator – always a great idea for a small space!

Another consistent winner: The Swarf Table line. These urban chic, functionally artistic tables are made from upcycled swarf, making them ideal for conscious consumers and designers alike.

What are you looking for? Don’t see it on our site? That’s ok. That’s better than ok. That’s great!

We love a challenge, especially when it means we get to create custom metal furniture that’s just right for our clients. Touch base with us today, and let us know what you want to build.



Custom-Fabricated Metal Seating: Modern Seating Pulls Double Duty

January 11th, 2012




Diamond Plated Box SeatingIt’s a chair! It’s a bench! It’s a table! It’s a … what exactly is that?

“That” is a diamond-plated box, and it’s one of the simplest yet most functional designs we’ve got here at TMRnyc’s metal fabrication shop.

Brooklyn, NYC residents and business owners alike have been snapping up these utilitarian conversation pieces because they’re not only completely on-trend, they’re diversely functional and durable. 

Measuring 12 inches by 12 inches square and 20 inches high, the Diamond-Plated Box seating element is industrial and minimal in design, yet something about it simply works in modern, trendy spaces. Initially meant as seating options, we’ve seen plenty of clients use them as small metal tables.

NYC designers like them as edgy ottomans as well, and they just seem to pull their weight no matter where they’re placed in a room.

One of the fun things about custom metal furniture is that, unlike wood or plastic, metal is durable enough to be used in multiple ways without showing wear. In fact, most of our sleek designs look better as they develop a patina with age. So when it’s time for a change, you can take that Diamond-Plated Box and use it as a table instead of the chair it’s been, or vice versa.

Pair it with a funky table lamp if it used to be a seating element, or plunk it down in the middle of the room as a coffee table if you’ve been using it at the end of a couch. That’s the fun part: The Diamond-Plated Box is whatever you think it is. All we know is that it’s cool.

For information about custom-fabricated metal seating available at TMRnyc, contact us.