Custom Metal Fabrication For Commercial Spaces: Mobile Metal Kiosks

metal fabrication greenpoint BrooklynThese days, people are in a hurry pretty much no matter where they are or what they’re doing. Especially in a big city, life is one big rush (and not the good kind people get from bungee jumping or rock climbing, either).

For small business owners, this fast-paced lifestyle means consumers have even less time to shop in stores.

For restaurant owners: consumers have less time to travel 10 blocks for lunch. 

So, perhaps now more than ever, having a mobile metal kiosk is a great way to bring your products to consumers, all without having to open an additional brick-and-mortar location.

Benefits of Mobile Metal Kiosks

Kiosks are more than the wooden wagon-style stands you see at local malls, and they’ve moved far beyond the corner hot-dog stand. Today’s kiosks are mobile, highly functional, cost-effective miniature versions of the restaurants and shops they represent. When properly designed and located, they can draw significant foot traffic and result in far more impulse purchases than a store, all without breaking the bank.

Building a kiosk is a big job, and one that requires a lot of expertise. At TMRnyc, we know kiosks and we know custom metal fabrication. Greenpoint, Brooklyn-based, we are local. We know the market, and we’ve built successful, functional kiosks New Yorkers frequent daily at The World Financial Center, such as Ed’s Lobster Bar and Harry’s Italian.

Contact us, and we’ll show you how our design team and fabricators will work with you to maintain a consistent corporate image, promote your brand, and draw in foot traffic through an energy-efficient, cost-effective custom kiosk.

We’re proud to be metal fabricators that NYC business owners rely on for custom metal projects such as kiosks and signs, and we look forward to working with you.


Date: December 12th, 2011

Category: Custom Projects

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