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Custom Metal Fabrication for Commercial Spaces

December 22nd, 2011


Custom Projects


When you run just about any kind of business in New York City, space is at a premium.

For our clients, that usually means they want unique metal products that are not only going to set their spaces a cut above the competition from a design perspective, but that those products need to be both stylish and highly functional. Case in point: Colicchio & Sons at 15th street and 10th avenue.

We’ve done a couple of projects with Top Chef’s Tom Colicchio, and both were about maximum impact in minimum space. The first piece, paneling for the wood-burning oven’s vent hood, was all about ambiance and style through custom metal fabrication.

NYC diners can check out the fiery orange glow of the oven hood while dining on some of Colicchio’s fine offerings such as their delectable truffle celeriac agnolotti and verjus glazed rutabaga or their 30-day aged Niman ranch sirloin farro, crispy salsify and Castelfranco radicchio.

Utilizing just the space covering the vent hood, we were able to add visual warmth to the open kitchen without detracting from the style of the dining room itself.

The wood-burning oven brought about the need for another piece of custom metal work. With space at a NYC premium, where were they to store the wood? We solved this dilemma with a bold focal element that’s as functional as it is stylish.

We crafted two 9-foot-tall by 10-foot-wide blackened steel racks to house the firewood, and in doing so we created a dramatic visual element, a natural room separator, and a functional shelving solution, all while complementing the aesthetics of the restaurant and maintaining the size of the dining space. 

Do you have a unique need for shelving, storage, or functional furnishings in your commercial space? Connect with us to see how we can take your design, and your space, to the next level.


Adding Style To Your Office In A Unique Way

December 21st, 2011


Custom Projects


TMRnyc Puzzle TableClients often come to us asking how they can add some unique style to their office spaces without being too trendy or making their office decor distracting.

For us, this is one of the most fun aspects of custom metal work: NYC business owners seeking us out to help them make an individual, distinctive statement that truly adds to their décor and serves to elicit conversation or create a bold first impression.

While it’s always fun having a blank slate to work with, it’s an equally enjoyable challenge to come up with unique metal products that work within the confines of existing spaces and décor.

Custom Metal Furniture For The Office

The first thing we tell clients looking to jazz up their office spaces with custom metal furniture is this: even small pieces can have a big impact.

For instance, we make small metal tables NYC business owners love because these unique pieces are on-trend, different than the expected wood and glass, and fantastically durable in high-traffic areas. Functional statement pieces like these are easy to fit into nearly any style of office, especially because we make them available in such a wide variety of colors and finishes.

Making a statement doesn’t have to mean redoing your entire office. It truly can be accomplished by integrating the right custom metal pieces into your existing décor. For some great ideas, check out our Swarf tables, always a favorite among conscious consumers; or have a look at the edgy Pipe Bomb Bar, a masculine design that works as well in an office as it does in the hippest of man caves.

Give us a call and see how you can add style to your office in a unique way.


RetroCard Belt Buckle Featured on Best Gifts Under $100

December 15th, 2011




cool belt buckleThis week, TMRnyc’s limited edition, hand-signed and –numbered RetroCard Belt Buckle is being featured on the exclusive (and quite addictive) shopping site, as one of this year’s “100+ Best Gifts Under $100.”  Buy now from, and get it before December 23rd. 

At a special sale price available only through, everyone’s favorite cool belt buckle is just $98 which includes a black or brown belt.  

You’ll need to register for a account and wait to be admitted, but you can jump the queue by inviting some of your Facebook friends.

Touted by the fab folks at as the perfect gift for those who love “Inspector Gadget-worthy personal effects with a utilitarian touch,” the RetroCard Belt Buckle makes the cut this year among Fab’s affordable gift recommendations.

What makes our handmade belt buckle worthy of inclusion on this varied list of gift-giving bliss?

Like nearly everything else on the list, this manly belt buckle has much more to it than meets the eye. Crafted of a hot-rolled steel front plate and blackened steel backplate, the RetroCard Belt Buckle is a sleek steel buckle that will develop a unique patina with wear over time.

The hidden beauty of this piece, however, is that it sports a concealed, felt-lined compartment between the plates in which commuters can stash (and easily access) their MetroCards or other transportation passes.

Hop on over to and pick one up for the Inspector Gadget on your holiday list.


SideWired End Table: Power Where You Need It Without The Cord Clutter

December 13th, 2011




small metal tables nycIt’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas (and Hanukkah, and Kwanza, and New Year’s, and insert-other-winter-time-celebration-here), and that means it’s gift-giving time.

Or, if you’re more of a glass-half-full kind of person (or a kid), maybe it’s gift-receiving time.

Either way: presents! And some of this year’s most fabulous presents will undoubtedly be electronics.

But before you know it, it’ll be January, and while you’ll probably be well entrenched in your new love affair with Siri, you’ll also be looking for a place to dock and charge that new iPhone along with whatever other techno-goodies Santa dropped off.

Many people like to keep their devices handy while they’re charging, so it’s not uncommon to see coffee tables, side tables, and nightstands cluttered with various chargers: one for the Bluetooth, one for the iPad, one for the smartphone, one for the wireless drywall stud finder… All the important stuff.

Cleaning Up that Wire Mess

Unfortunately, all these cables and chargers and wires create a big, tangled mess and sometimes a tripping hazard too. That’s where the SideWired™ End Table comes in.

This is one of the most practical pieces of custom metal furniture we make here at TMRnyc, and it’s one of our favorites among our unique metal products.

Why? Because SideWired™ End Tables are more than just tables; these are smart small metal tables NYC residents absolutely love. Functional as an end table, nightstand, or occasional piece in a home or office environment, the SideWired™ End Table, along with the entire SideWired™line, has built-in outlets so you can plug your phone right into the table, reducing the cord clutter, outlet overloads, and tripping hazards.

Available in multiple finishes and sizes, the SideWired™ desks and tables also make great holiday gifts. Especially if you give them with an iPhone.

Contact TMRnyc to learn more about our SideWired™ furniture line, and how they can help clean your cord clutter.


Custom Metal Fabrication For Commercial Spaces: Mobile Metal Kiosks

December 12th, 2011


Custom Projects


metal fabrication greenpoint BrooklynThese days, people are in a hurry pretty much no matter where they are or what they’re doing. Especially in a big city, life is one big rush (and not the good kind people get from bungee jumping or rock climbing, either).

For small business owners, this fast-paced lifestyle means consumers have even less time to shop in stores.

For restaurant owners: consumers have less time to travel 10 blocks for lunch. 

So, perhaps now more than ever, having a mobile metal kiosk is a great way to bring your products to consumers, all without having to open an additional brick-and-mortar location.

Benefits of Mobile Metal Kiosks

Kiosks are more than the wooden wagon-style stands you see at local malls, and they’ve moved far beyond the corner hot-dog stand. Today’s kiosks are mobile, highly functional, cost-effective miniature versions of the restaurants and shops they represent. When properly designed and located, they can draw significant foot traffic and result in far more impulse purchases than a store, all without breaking the bank.

Building a kiosk is a big job, and one that requires a lot of expertise. At TMRnyc, we know kiosks and we know custom metal fabrication. Greenpoint, Brooklyn-based, we are local. We know the market, and we’ve built successful, functional kiosks New Yorkers frequent daily at The World Financial Center, such as Ed’s Lobster Bar and Harry’s Italian.

Contact us, and we’ll show you how our design team and fabricators will work with you to maintain a consistent corporate image, promote your brand, and draw in foot traffic through an energy-efficient, cost-effective custom kiosk.

We’re proud to be metal fabricators that NYC business owners rely on for custom metal projects such as kiosks and signs, and we look forward to working with you.