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TMR Custom Metal Work to the Rescue

November 29th, 2011


Custom Projects


The call came in last Tuesday afternoon right before Thanksgiving.  

Jack Gold, owner of Presidential Interiors and the millwork contractor on the build out of the new Ivanka Trump Fine Jewelry flagship store in Soho was in a jam.  He needed help completing a set of polished steel doors for display cases for the store’s grand opening on Friday — Black Friday — in just three days.

After searching Google for a custom metal fabricator, he found the TMR website and picked up the phone and spoke with Scott Behr, TMR’s founder and president.

Scott assured Jack that TMR was the right choice for the job and instilled a sense of confidence and relief.  The design and production teams at TMR have experience with this level of project and could manage the design, fabrication, and installation within the short time frame.  The display case doors would be completed and installed beautifully for Friday’s opening.

Instead of watching the parade and eating turkey on Thanksgiving Day, the TMR team put in 24 hours of hardcore custom metal work and delivered as promised.  Jack was psyched, and the store was ready in time for its Black Friday opening.

Congrats to the TMR team!
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Contact TMR for your custom metal fabrication needs and learn how TMR’s process can help make your project a success. Please call us first and in advance to see what we are capable of with a normal lead time. Metalwork is generally the last thing to be installed in a construction project. It should be the first thing purchased to get a perfect result, on time and on budget.


What Is “Swarf” And How Does It Become Furniture?

November 21st, 2011




NYC custom metal fabrication“Swarf” is simply a cool word for metal scrap.

Small filings, shavings, and other by-products are produced during the metal fabrication process, and these scraps are collectively called swarf.

Many companies simply recycle these bits of metalworking waste and debris. 

However, at TMRnyc, committed as we are to environmentally responsible practices, we decided to take things a little further with our swarf and, instead of recycling it, we started upcycling it into a really fantastic line of tables: The Swarf Collection.

Our Swarf Tables are individual, one-of-a-kind, functional works of art crafted from salvaged, laser cut, steel sheet drops: in other words, swarf. We upcycle this typically wasted material into tables of various patterns and sizes, then finish the tables in a variety of fashions and even add custom-cut glass tops.

Why waste that which has potential to be something so unique, useful, and beautiful?

Composed of more than 85% recycled material, and crafted right here in Brooklyn, we’re proud to say that our Swarf Tables have landed TMRnyc on New York City’s “Made in NYC Green Products” list.

Buying from local producers is one way we can all be more conscious consumers, so check out the Made in NYC website for all sorts of great links, descriptions, and information about locally manufactured products.

Contact us for more information about swarf and schedule a time for a personal consultation.


Featured Custom Metal Project: Sprinkles Cupcake Cart

November 17th, 2011


Custom Projects


TMRnyc - Sprinkles CartThe A-Team from TMRnyc just delivered this fantastic cupcake cart for our favorite cupcake company, Sprinkles Cupcakes in NYC.

Enjoy their delicious cupcakes starting Nov 21st and see this nifty cart where it will be located inside the Dylan’s Candy Bar Pop-Up shop across the street from Bryant Park for the holiday shopping season.

Designed by Andrea Lenardin Martin of ALM projects, we custom fabricated this colorful little metal cart from powder coated aluminum, plexi-glass and cupcake trays in record time to meet their deadline.

Click images to view a larger version.

TMRnyc - Sprinkles CartTMRnyc - Sprinkles Cart

Save Time, Protect Your Finances, and Look Great With This Belt Buckle

November 16th, 2011




RetroCard Belt Buckle PackagingWe live in a fast-paced world. We rush from place to place, taking calls at all hours and working on the go.

For city commuters, catching the subway while toting a briefcase, purse, cell phone, coat, or packages can be a particular challenge.

The little things that make our hectic lifestyle a bit more manageable are not only appreciated, they’re becoming essential; and the RetroCard Belt Buckle from TMRnyc is one of them.

Keep Your Hands Free With The RetroCard Belt Buckle

The RetroCard Belt Buckle is a retro-styled, rolled steel fashion statement that keeps your MetroCard handy at all times. Handmade right here in Brooklyn, New York, the buckle is crafted with a slim, notched, felt-lined compartment perfectly sized to fit your MetroCard.

For New Yorkers on the go, this easy access means you’ll never miss a train because you can’t find your MetroCard in your wallet or can’t find your wallet in your purse. You simply slide the card right out of your belt buckle, and put it right back in.

Commute More Securely With The RetroCard Belt Buckle

RetroCard Belt BuckleDesigned for use with any button-snap belt, the RetroCard Belt Buckle does more than prevent you from having to dig around for your MetroCard and help you get on the train faster. It also helps you commute more safely.

How often have you dropped a credit card or business card while pulling your MetroCard out of your wallet?

Or dropped your phone while getting that wallet out of your pocket or purse?

With your MetroCard (or any public transportation fare card) right at your waist, yet snuggly fit into your belt buckle, there’s no need to take out your wallet or open your purse in a crowded subway station.

With its sweet new packaging, the RetroCard Belt Buckle makes a great gift for the guy who has everything this holiday season.


Brooklyn Denim Company Featured in NY Times

November 3rd, 2011




Brooklyn Denim Company in the NY TimesFrank Pizzurro, owner of Brooklyn jean shop, Brooklyn Denim Company in Williamsburg, was featured Tuesday in the NY Times — The Future of Denim, Long Term and Short — answering questions about his store and the world of denim.  

Here’s one of Frank’s responses:

“What fall pieces are you most excited about? I love the Rick Owens Dark Shadow stuff. There’s a wrap hoodie, $575, super comfortable. We’re carrying more women’s fashion brands: Society for Rational Dress and Gar-de do incredibly well.”

Congrats Frank!

Not only can you find all styles of denim at Brooklyn Denim Company, but you can also find the RetroCard Belt Buckle.  

It’s the perfect accessory to go with a new pair of jeans and makes a great gift for the guy who has everything!