SideWired furniture takes the desktop back from the computer!













The SideWired Desk concept came out of a desire to organize all the visual madness of cords, wall warts, and power bricks sprouting out of my laptop, monitors, hard drives and speakers, spilling on to the floor into an ugly tangle of a powerstrip, cat hair and cables.  We are constantly needing to plug in a camera or cellphone for a charge. The frustration of searching for a free power outlet to plug into nearby made me ask, “Why can’t I just plug this into my desk?  Why can’t I just plug my desk into the wall with one cord and neatly plug in all of my other gear into the desk.” The design challenge was to make a great looking desk, incorporate a hidden cable management system and power source as well as making it fast and easy to get at the cable ends to rearrange things as the situation arises. One of the solutions was to make the wire grommets a part of the design. The other solution was to make a hinged tray to manage the cables that can also hold hard drives and any other corded object that clutters the desktop. Hell Yeah.

After an extensive search  there was no result for a desk that met my requirements so I thought, “Hey. I’ll make my own damn desk. ” Then my friends started asking me to make wired desks for them. Well, one friend, but he is a pretty smart guy. Being a UL certified shop for our lighting made it a breeze to make the jump to wiring up our furniture designs.

Date: May 4th, 2009

Category: Design, Products

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