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  • Chobani SoHo Storefront

    Chobani SoHo Storefront

    Custom fabricated sign, storefront and interior at Chobani's first brick and mortar

  • Sprinkles Storefront Installation

    Sprinkles Storefront Installation

    From shop drawings to installed sculpture, TMR put the icing on the cupcake

  • Shinola's Flagship Store In TriBeCa

    TMR fabricated interior fixtures, including spiral staircase, catwalk and skylight, for Shinola's flagship store in NYC

  • RetroCard Belt Buckle

    Our limited edition RetroCard Belt Buckle for the NYer on the go

  • Staff at Work

    TMR Staff

    The TMR crew takes a moment from their busy day to smile for photographer Chellise Michaels




ORAL SEX: WHAT IS IT?Oral Sex – Concerns and Responses

November 16th, 2019


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ORAL SEX: WHAT IS IT?Oral Sex – Concerns and Responses

Oral intercourse relates to dental (lips and tongue) stimulation for the genitals or any other parts of the body. Fellatio relates to stimulation that is oral of penis; cunnilingus relates to dental stimulation associated with vulva (the outside area of the vagina). Anilingus relates to dental stimulation associated with the anal orifice also called “rimming” or anal oral sex.

Your penis is probably the most delicate in the tip, or glans, like the frenulum (y-shaped area), the lower regarding the penis in which the glans satisfies the shaft. The bottom ridge associated with glans or even the corona normally extremely delicate.

The the main vulva that is often stimulated during dental intercourse is named the clitoris. It’s a tiny, circular swelling of muscle in regards to the measurements of a switch, right above the opening that is vaginal and it is very responsive to touch due to the big community of nerve endings. The clitoral glans is included in a hood you should definitely stimulated or whenever extremely stimulated. People may like to be moved from the bonnet, which partly covers the clitoris, considering that the clitoris is very responsive to the touch. The clitoris expands into two branches on either side associated with genital opening about 3.5 inches long and fills with bloodstream whenever extremely stimulated.


Intercourse studies and interviews, returning to those carried out by Alfred Kinsey along with his colleagues within the 1930s and 1940s, along with those from present years, suggest that this really is a intimate behavior practiced by everyone across age, race, gender identification, intimate orientation and relationship status. Read More »


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